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Welcome to Self Help Copy!

Let's face it, in today's world we are all faced with problems, challenges and obstacles. And we all seek for solutions and answers to overcome them.

"Never forget that people never buy things or services... they buy solutions for their problems." - Max Lincoln Schuster

Hi, my name is Tim Mazur and could be your self-help copywriter. I specialize in taking self-help products and services and putting them as the solution to a targeted prospect's problems. In doing so we will

  • connect to your prospect at an emotional level
  • talk to him/her like a long time friend, not just another customer
  • build a level of trust that keeps him/her coming back
  • increase your integrity, credibility, track record and success

I write for a wide range of self-help products and services including

  • inspirational
  • motivational
  • spiritual
  • health & fitness
  • educational
  • skill building

Whether it's direct mail, web copy or email marketing, I can provide you with copy that sells and turns prospects into lifelong customers.

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